Lee Ann is very knowledgeable about the product and works diligently to make it “just right” to each customer’s satisfaction
Joan Reed, on Google
My husbands hearing aid had stopped working and we walked in to NewSound Lee Ann George spent time to attend to the problem quickly and retubed his instrument with care and efficiency. We left very satisfied with a working hearing aid. Thank you.
wendy battle, on Google
I’m very grateful for this place! They were able to clean my old hearing aids at no charge and I’m scheduled for a free hearing test in a couple weeks!
Steve Ender, on Google
I went in to get batteries for my brother, but after answering my questions, they offered to do a hearing test for me for no charge. They were very pleasant and professional. After a short wait they called me back and did the test. It was wonderful to have that one on one friendly service. I also do not need a hearing aid yet!!
cooksterskye, on Google
Customer care oriented, efficient, professional. Quality products
Diana Makens, on Google

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